Direct Mail Campaign With Personalized URLs Boosts User Activation, Enrollment | Healthcare


Direct Mail Campaign With Personalized URLs Boosts User Activation, Enrollment | Healthcare

RRD's proprietary technology and direct mail solutions overhaul marketing strategy for leading health company’s benefit programming


A leading health technology company was working to capture the attention of their target demographic in an effort to support their mission of eradicating type 2 diabetes. The company’s programming —  offered through health plans and employers as an optional benefit program — was highly effective, but they wanted to increase activation rates by focusing on making improvements to their direct mail programming.

Although the client was currently experiencing good response rates, they were open to collaborating with an external partner to improve their rates and increase activation. As they worked to scale operations, they sought a partner who could help them grow — and provide consultative support along the way.


The company turned to RRD for support. RRD deployed a proprietary technology designed to boost user activation and engagement and put together a comprehensive omnichannel marketing strategy, prioritizing direct mail.

Leveraging RRD's best-in-class direct mail capabilities, the company sent tailored mail pieces including personalized URLs (PURLs) customized for each recipient. These URLs directed recipients to customized landing pages, enabling the capture of valuable data for follow-up and analysis. The direct mail strategy effectively complemented existing email efforts, leading to an increase in program enrollments and overall marketing performance.

The solution included:

  • Proprietary technology to automate campaign creation
  • Management of an efficient and personalized print marketing strategy
  • Transition to a digital print workflow using a white paper factory 
  • Data analytics from PURL responses to track engagement
  • Communications that met regulatory and quality standards

RRD's technology streamlined the complete campaign process, encompassing data management, print production, and distribution. This integration allowed the company to conduct efficient, targeted campaigns at scale, activating more users in less time while reducing marketing costs compared to traditional, ad-hoc print campaigns.


Through this strategic partnership, RRD supported the company as they tested new direct mail creative and updated formats, which showed improved responses. By working with RRD, the company also reduced the complexities of their marketing campaigns — all within existing budgets and without additional headcount. This enabled key staff to maintain a greater focus on core user-care functions. The implemented direct mail campaign successfully incorporated print into the company’s existing email campaigns. This led to a rise in program enrollments and improved overall marketing performance.

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