ConnectOne Storefront Implementation Delivers Inventory Control | Healthcare

12/20/2019 RRD

ConnectOne Storefront Implementation Delivers Inventory Control | Healthcare

End-to-end print management solution brings new facility up to speed 


A not-for-profit community healthcare network — comprised of two main hospitals and five urgent care centers — has turned to RRD for over 20 years to provide forms, labels and related print management services for every new medical and associated urgent care center opening.

In bringing each new facility up to speed, the healthcare network’s corporate management decided that a management teams from one of its existing hospitals would handle the new facility’s forms administration program on an interim basis. This decision placed an additional burden on current staff, a burden that could potentially compromise a smooth implementation.


As RRD was already providing print management services alongside pick-and-pack order processing to the client, it was decided early in the process that the new facility would be wrapped under a current agreement instead of as a separate account. This provided the ordering and billing structure for the two facilities to share forms and save on their total print spend.

To handle the increased number of transactions and provide additional services, RRD implemented ConnectOne Storefront?, an end-to-end print management solution that centralizes ordering, fulfillment, content customization, and direct mail campaign management within one interface.


To summarize, the ConnectOne Storefront implementation assisted in the smooth opening of the new facility. Nurses and staff — for the first time — had access to an easy-to-use tool, which allowed them to: 

  • Review inventory levels and usage
  • Use static P-Cards
  • Place their own orders (under established ordering approval guidelines)
  • Approve proofs 
  • Track orders 
  • Reduce time spent reconciling invoices

To improve efficiency, the implementation eliminated both the buyers from the ordering process and the client’s warehouse from the forms receiving and distribution function. The removal of the buyers from the ordering process allowed them to be redeployed to help with the new hospital’s implementation. 

Additionally, facilities now enjoy access to static print-on-demand and e-stationery programs through RRD’s print center while the warehousing and pick-and-pack program utilize the RRD logistics center.


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