Vaccines are vital. Your testing is essential. And as long as COVID-19 continues to circulate at pandemic levels, testing will continue to play a critical role.

To ensure successful expansion of your testing program, a seamless supply chain and communications strategy are key.

How well does your organization perform in these fundamental areas?

Below are supply chain and communication tactics essential to scaling a rapid testing program.
Rate your level of execution for each tactic from 1 to 5 — 1=Never and 5=Always — to see how you stack up.

Your Supply Chain: Test kit assembly, fulfillment and delivery

1. Centralized hubs

We centralize the procurement/management of existing test kits, support individual test kit variations and an assortment of testing types (e.g., point-of-care, at-home, and over-the-counter tests).

2. Nationwide facilities

We have a number of established and experienced test kitting facilities across the country, located within close proximity of high-density audience populations.

3. Technology-enabled kitting strategy

Our kitting approach is shared with an IT infrastructure that provides the capacity, scalability, and continuity of supply required to optimally manage our testing program.

4. ERP systems

Our core enterprise resource planning (ERP) system provides enhanced planning and procurement capabilities enabling us to provide effective materials management solutions in a complex environment.

5. Demand planning tools

We leverage demand planning tools to drive effective forecasting and inventory planning, intelligently positioning materials to ensure continuity of supply.

6. cGMP certification

All facilities supporting our kitting and distribution activities are certified at a minimum of cGMP certification in conformance with EUA directives.

7. Statistical sampling plan

We employ statistical sampling plans for in-process inspection to provide a high level of assurance that all products meet conformance specifications.

8. Real-time data access

We utilize a web-based system for supply chain reporting, collaboration, and web-based access, which allows real-time data access for both internal and external supply-chain activities.

Your Communications: Community awareness, outreach and information

1. Contact strategy

We center our communications approach around a strategic roadmap to implement a highly targeted, custom strategy for each unique audience.

2. Communications goals

To ensure the right audiences are receiving the right messages, we’ve outlined our desired outcomes for communicating with each audience.

3. Target groups

We identify audience segments, institutions and individuals that need to be engaged in order to reach program participants.

4. Specialized messaging

Our key messages are created with content and creative that will resonate with each unique audience to successfully inform, educate and drive engagement.

5. Channel preferences

We determine the optimal channel deployment to illustrate timely, relevant, integrated messages where each audience is most likely to consume content.

6. Multichannel engagement

We provide public content in formats that can easily be used on multiple trusted onsite and online channels Our multichannel strategy combines a cadence of digital, email, direct mail, social media, on-site signage and printed materials.

7. Program support

Our structure includes a centralized 24/7 support system to inform, educate, answer questions and combat misinformation — including an informational microsite, online chat and/or inbound call center.

8. Performance reporting

We establish, track, analyze and report key success metrics based on the established goals and objectives for each audience.

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Widespread testing can help close the book on COVID

Multiple stakeholders, bottlenecks in kitting, fulfillment delays, and manual tracking pose significant barriers to scaling your COVID-19 testing program.

It takes an essential business with the expertise and credibility to execute large-scale programs with complex supply chains and communication strategies.

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