Transform your hybrid work environment into a business advantage.

Every law firm has a unique culture, goals, and challenges. To achieve your highest levels of performance, rely on proven solutions and tools that not only drive innovation, but align with your overall business strategy and culture.

Featured solution:

Replace antiquated support models with a dynamic productivity engine

With RRD CATCH, law firms can leverage our creative, administrative, and technology-based solutions to transform market disruptions into business opportunities. A highly scalable, on-demand, and round-the-clock tool, RRD CATCH can help firms create efficiencies and strengthen brand connect.

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The_Loft@RRD is a collaborative incubation hub where RRD experts deliver innovation-as-a-service to help law firms navigate the latest advances in technology.

Features of The_Loft@RRD include:

Document Mark-Up Tool

RRD’s document mark-up tool combines speech-to-text, voice recording, and typed instructions with digital marking technologies to create a transformative user experience.

By streamlining communication between the annotator and reviewer, it eliminates numerous bottlenecks in procedural workflows.

It works across devices and platforms, delivering a series of productivity gains that include:

  • Simple user interface for rapid adoption and turnarounds
  • Greater organizational control over sharing and storage
  • Multi-user access for smoother collaboration among internal and external teams
  • Easier integration (via API) into upstream and downstream systems

Automated Transcription Tool

By shrinking the transcription cycle, our transcription tool can accelerate workflows and enhance collaboration. Its AI technology allows the user to review and share results in real time with internal and external teams through any device.

By simplifying and expediting the transcription process, it enables secure, instant collaboration, and higher throughput.

It aids smooth workflows through:

  • Intuitive UI/UX via a clean interface and use of AI, which greatly reduces training requirements
  • Seamless transfer of files with various extensions into the app
  • Confidence rating for words that require manual checks. With iterations, its ML algorithms increase the accuracy of results
  • Audio-to-text syncing to help the reviewer easily rewind or skim portions of the audio to improve accuracy and speed

Visit the THE_LOFT@RRD page to learn more

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Additional legal solutions from RRD

  • Attorney Centered Ecosystem

    Attorney Centered Ecosystem

    An ecosystem of solutions and services that leverage RRD’s extensive knowledge of how a law firm operates, the factors essential to deliver a great attorney-client experience, and the tools needed for a firm to keep pace with evolving client requirements.

    The tools are developed intuitively to complement and collaborate with each other. Here is a use-case example:

    • A document cleanser used in isolation can clean up a poorly scanned document, and identify and fix incorrectly positioned or rotated documents. When used in combination with a smart OCR, it can read, categorize, and classify content through machine learning
    • By adding conversational chatbots, the document can also become voice search-enabled

    The ecosystem offers firms a range of operational advantages such as:

    • High configurability, which allows it to coexist with the firm’s legacy systems
    • A ‘single node’ access point — a single touch point for the attorney to access any tool within the ecosystem
    • Superior security that makes it capable of running on any infrastructure; meaning, the ecosystem can live behind a firm’s firewall
  • RRD Metrics Workflow System

    RRD Metrics Workflow System

    With its single-view dashboard, the RRD METRICS workflow system offers complete project lifecycle transparency to law firms and allows resources to manage, share, optimize, and report on work through every step of the workflow.

    The tool is proven to help improve project turnaround times by streamlining the allocation of requests to the right resource, and enabling the firm’s administrators to identify roadblocks and opportunities for process improvement.

    It gives law firms a competitive edge by offering:

    • Seamless support in a WFA structure through web-based, single sign-on features
    • Complete protection with RRD’s industry-standard security for L3 data
    • A virtual Global Delivery Center that helps firms transition from a traditional in-office secretarial model to an empowered digital organization
    • AWS’ native server-side storage encryption using 256-bit AES in a S3 storage fabric
    • Powerful reporting capabilities and dashboard features to understand volumes, work patterns, and productivity
  • OptiShore


    The RRD OptiShore model is a hybrid, versatile, and flexible framework that benefits all law firms, irrespective of size or scale. In this model, RRD has created an optimal structure to locate and utilize the right resources from its large base of skilled professionals across the globe.

    Not only can law firm employees work from anywhere in the world with any of the specialized RRD teams spread across multiple locations, they can also make the most of the breadth and depth of the collective knowledge and domain expertise from RRD’s global presence.

    OptiShore brings a new and more flexible approach to managing complex customer communication processes, uniquely combining best-of-breed outsourcing operations with workflow technology.

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