Point-of-Sale Merchandising Support Boosts Sustainability, Enhances In-Store Experience | Retail


Point-of-Sale Merchandising Support Boosts Sustainability, Enhances In-Store Experience | Retail

RRD’s global network provides sustainable solution for producing and distributing high-end displays across more than 1,000 retail locations 


A global skincare, fragrance, and cosmetics brand has long prioritized a luxurious in-store experience, including elegant point-of-sale displays. The company sought a partner that could enhance these displays with innovative, high-end designs and sustainable materials to further reduce their carbon footprint. 

They aimed to create displays that would meet these goals for their 2023 gift-with-purchase program, which was set to appear in more than 1,000 locations.


The company partnered with RRD to create high-end in-store displays, leveraging RRD’s global network of design, manufacturing, and distribution experts. Specifically, the company partnered with RRD China to leverage the facility’s proprietary sustainable production processes, technologies, and materials, as well as its in-house sustainability experts.

Global project management: To begin, RRD established weekly calls to enable RRD and client teams to review 360º video footage of the production every step of the way — from initial prototype creation through packaging and shipping preparations. By providing additional points of visibility and connection, RRD optimized timelines and processes, realized production and cost efficiencies, and built a strong partnership with the company.

Proactive solutions and innovations: RRD’s artisanship experts worked as brand stewards, aligning closely with internal client teams. Together, they designed and produced 1,000 customized, on-brand in-store displays for use in international luxury retailers. Designed to feature the gift-with-purchase item, the displays were aesthetically pleasing and constructed without the use of clear poly filler, corrugated fluting, plastic tapes, or foam board. 

RRD identified ways to leverage innovative materials in alignment with established global manufacturing, fulfillment, and shipping networks. This optimized the production process, enabling advanced shipment planning, consolidation to minimize emissions during transport, and eco-friendly shipping materials.

Unified brand consistency: RRD ensured consistency across materials, color matching, and all individual brand components. To establish consistency in display set-up, RRD developed retail set-up kits — including a series of instructional videos providing step-by-step instructions.


RRD’s project management expertise, proprietary technologies, global logistics, and supply chain solutions brought innovation to the production and delivery of the company’s in-store displays. 

Additional results include: 

  • Quality control protocols administered across more than 1,000 units and 20,000 display components
  • 100% success rate on display delivery and execution
  • 100% compliance accuracy for all in-store display assembly

The partnership has grown to include additional POS displays, and RRD has further refined processes to reduce production time to just three weeks. Sustainable materials are now used in every aspect — from display materials to components used for shipment and distribution.

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