We are your single-source provider for every communications program.

Combining off-the-shelf materials with print-on-demand communications, and real-time access via web or mobile, we enable quick response to changing market conditions. Whether it's a simple, hand-assembled match mailing or high-end bespoke packaging, our experienced kitting and fulfillment teams bring care and attention to every project.



Whether your project features simple hand-assembled match mailing or complex variability, our kitting and bundling teams put their experience and commitment to perfection into everything they do.

  • Assemble kits for immediate distribution or store for future distribution
  • Fulfill one-to-one components requiring unique personalization
  • Leverage digital libraries for images and copy together for e-fulfillment of custom executions
stacks of paper ready for kitting and bundling

Warehousing & Inventory Management

Leveraging RRD’s national distribution and warehousing network, saves you space and reduces your own warehousing costs. Store non-generating items with full carton storage, materials management, and logistics support. With both push and pull functions, consistently manage inventory across a national presence and fulfill custom orders based on individual site or customer needs with pick and pack, full carton, and print-on-demand items.


Freight Calculation

Take the uncertainty out of freight estimations while maintaining delivery accuracy. Use RRD's proprietary technology to help you determine the most efficient and cost-effective method of shipping depending on your needs. Based on a comprehensive range of data, our warehouse management system can support routing based on origin, destination, and weight.

  • Fully trackable with real-time reports from our CustomPoint® platform
  • Daily reports delivered electronically
  • Seamless verification with UPS® and FedEx® tracking

Postal Optimization

Maximize print and mail distribution savings and rely on consistent and trackable service. RRD's postal experts leverage extensive knowledge of USPS® rules and regulations, along with international postal documentation services and classification requirements, to provide a consistent and accurate delivery process.

  • Standardize and validate customer data for effective mailing lists
  • Reduce postage costs through volume leveraged consolidation
  • Track mail to verify in-home dates and synchronize campaigns
  • Manage weekly, monthly or annual publication deliveries
mailboxes for mail distribution

We'll help optimize the entire process so you can focus on what’s most important: connecting with your customers.

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