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Acuity by RRD

Test direct mail at a fraction of the cost and time

Skip the expensive, lengthy process of traditional in-market A/B testing. With Acuity by RRD™, marketers reach clear conclusions about multiple creative concepts to optimize their next direct mail campaign before it’s launched.

Get Results, Fast

Cloud Direct by RRD

Enhanced targeting through best-channel response

This custom-built, trigger-based solution improves targeting and extends the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform — and your marketing reach — by optimizing the integration of print and digital messaging.

Boost Targeting

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One platform to optimize your communications ecosystem

ConnectOne delivers a 360-degree view of your communications ecosystem, helping to uncover opportunities for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness. Quickly create and deliver high-impact communications through a single, unified portal.

See Everything


Simplify your entire communications production process

CustomPoint is a web-based, integrated communications management tool that connects directly to RRD’s extensive distributed network of print and fulfillment operations. It creates a centralized, simplified workflow through a single interface.

Simplify the Process

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Digicom by RRD

Shorten online shopping journeys through media-enriched experiences

Device-agnostic, this responsive platform seamlessly transforms catalogs, circulars and flyers into interactive shopping experiences across web, mobile and email channels. Digicom delivers customers a better experience that makes their journey to the online cart easier.

Change the Paradigm

Flex Mailer

Innovative design + reduced shipping costs + enhanced brand experience

Flex Mailer is one-of-a-kind. Our patented mailing solution is smartly designed to elevate brand messaging and stand out in the stack at a significantly reduced cost.


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QuickLetter by RRD

Rapid, accurate generation of business letter templates

QuickLetter by RRD simplifies workflows to accelerate cycle times and enhance the accuracy of correspondence — a critical requirement for vital compliance, operational, and crisis communications.

Simplify & Streamline


Replace antiquated support models with something dynamic

This one-stop, on-demand managed service for creative, administrative, and application development helps enterprises maximize the time of valuable knowledge workers to reap the full benefits of their expertise.

Maximize Productivity

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Transform everyday PDF statements into interactive communications

Combining sector-specific platforms and customized widgets, SuperDoc’s interactive power unlocks new ways for customers to get more from their PDF statements, bills, policies, and other transactional communications.

Deliver Interactivity


Innovation-as-a-Service (IaaS) for digital transformation

The_Loft@RRD is a collaborative incubation hub where RRD experts deliver IaaS to usher you through the latest advances in technology — because in today’s environment, you can either disrupt or be disrupted.

Disrupt with Innovation

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Touchless World by RRD

Safe, touch-free solutions to activate powerful data

Tap, snap, or scan. In leveraging dynamic, strategically-located, scannable smart tags, Touchless World optimizes a consumer’s personal smartphone through slick, personalized content delivery — developed by RRD.

Go Touchless

Get connected.

Today’s buyer journey is anything but a straight line. To convert valuable prospects and customers into loyal partners and advocates, it takes an expert.

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