Annual Survey Insights Support Brand’s Growth, Inform Product Enhancements | Manufacturing

9/20/2022 RRD

Annual Survey Insights Support Brand’s Growth, Inform Product Enhancements | Manufacturing

RRD’s end-to-end consumer insights support helps company reach 6,000 current and prospective customers, identify white space opportunities    


A leading manufacturer of household consumer goods with market share in both the professional and consumer space sought an external partner to help facilitate a yearly brand recognition survey. The client was looking to further understand their position in the marketplace, identify potential new competitor threats, and uncover opportunities for continued growth.

The client sought insights that could be gathered and assessed year-over-year to support their main objective of protecting strong professional market share, and growing emerging consumer market share. Additionally, they sought a partner who could provide consultative strategic direction from data trends and ultimately support product design changes, product feature development, and even business acquisition planning. 


After initially reaching out to RRD for help facilitating small focus groups, the company tasked RRD’s Data, Insights, and Customer Engagement (DICE) team with the development of a comprehensive annual survey. Working hand-in-hand with the client’s internal teams to optimize data collection methods, RRD crafted and wrote the initial survey and fielded a mix of professional and consumer respondents. 

The survey gathered feedback from thousands of the client’s users or prospective users, with RRD advising on how to optimize the data. RRD also handled sample size recommendations, deployment, and quality assurance of all data. Additionally, RRD built and distributed all reporting, and made recommendations based on collected data. 

Now an annual survey fielded consistently over the past five years, the questionnaire contains 15-20 curated questions, and is deployed nationally or is geo-targeted based on client preference. As the client has grown via acquisition and market share, RRD has evolved the annual survey to ensure gathered insights support the most current client objectives. 

RRD also facilitates regular meetings with the client to ensure the survey is relevant to current company visions. RRD additionally provides ongoing Net Promoter Score (NPS) reporting for the client, as well as one-on-one eye tracking research, small group interviews, focus groups, and potential acquisition valuation services to measure everything from share of wallet to name recognition.


Over the past five years, the client’s surveys have been taken by over 6,000 respondents, and the subsequent reporting has led to the identification of several white space opportunities, including product enhancements, design modifications, and new marketing strategies. 

As an end-to-end insights provider, RRD has also identified potential market opportunities — such as new competitors or those who are gaining market share — and has helped the client monitor threats and support new company acquisitions, ultimately strengthening the brand portfolio.

The positive relationship continues to grow with new research capabilities being deployed regularly to support the evolving company.

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